pookal pookum tharunam Dual lyrics ~ English-tamil

pookal pookum tharunam Dual lyrics with meaning

Song Name: Pookkal Pookkum
 (Tamil) Album/Movie: Madrasapattinam (2010)
 Singer(s): Roopkumar Rathod, Harini, Andrea Jeremiah
 Lyrics Writer(s): Na. Muthukumar

pookal pookum tharunam Tamil lyrics

pookkaL pookkum tharuNam aaruyire, paarththadhaarum illai.

ularum kaalai pozhudhai muzhu madhiyum pirindhupovadhillai

netRu varai neram pogavillai; unadharuge neram podhavillaiye.

edhuvum pesavillaiye inRu, eno edhuvum thonRavillaiye; idhu edhuvo

iravum viDiyavillaiye, adhu viDindhaal pagalum mudiyavillaiye – poondhaLire

vaarthai thevaiyillai, vaazhum kaalam varai paavai paarvai mozhi pesume

netRu thevaiyillai, naaLai thevaiyillai; inRu indha noDi podhume.

verinRi, vidhaiyinRi, vin thoovum mazhaiyinRi; idhu enna ivan thoTTam poo pookkudhe

vaal inRi, pOr inRi, valikkinRa yuddham inRi, idhu enna ivan anbu ennai velludhe

 idhayam muzhudhum irukkum; indha thayakkam engu kondu niruthum.

idhai aRiya engu kiDaikkum viLakkam? adhu kiDaiththaal solla veNDum enakkum


endha megamidhu, endhan vaasal vandhu engum eera mazhai thoovudhe.

enna uRavu idhu, edhuvum puriyavillai enRu boadhum idhu neeLudhe.

yaar enRu aRiyaamal, per kooDa theriyaamal, ivanoDu oru sondham uravaanadhe

yen enRu keTkaamal, thaDuthaalum niRkaamai, ivan pogum vazhi en manam pogudhe.

paadhai muDindhappiRagum, indha ulagil payaNam muDivadhillaiye.

kaatRil paRandhe, paravai maRaindha piRagum, illai thoDangum naDanam muDivadhillaiye

idhu edhuvo

pookal pookum tharunam English lyrics

O precious life [aaruyire], no one has seen
 the moment when flowers blossom.

Even when it [the flower] withers, the full value
[of the flower] does not separate and leave.

Until yesterday, time would not go
 (as in, time went by too slow);
[but] the time beside you was not enough
(as in, time went by too fast)

Today, I didn’t say anything,
 for some reason I didn’t feel anything;
 O this is something (e.g., something strange/powerful)

The night did not break (into dawn),
even if it broke (into dawn),
the day also did not finish – O budding flower
[this is the literal meaning of poondhaLire;
the figurative meaning is more like ‘damsel’)

Words are not sufficient; as long as we live, damsel,
 [our] eyes will do the talking.

[literal translation of the last part is more like: eye-sight will speak language]

Yesterday is not sufficient,
 tomorrow is not sufficient;
 today, this moment is sufficient/enough.

Without roots, without seeds,
without rain sprinkled by the sky;
why are the flowers in his garden blossoming?

without sword, without struggle, without painful war – what is this, his love is conquering me.
[I don’t know what ‘vaal’ means in this context… vaal can mean Tail, like a monkey’s tail; it can mean mischief (e.g., vaalaattam), but I don’t know what it really means here]

 it fill the whole heart; this hesitance where will it lead us ..

To learn this, where do I get the explanation?
 if [you] get it [the explanation], you must tell me as well.
O budding flower

What cloud is this? It comes to my doorstep,
 and in order to make everything wet it sprinkles rain.

What relationship is this?
Even when I feel that
“I don’t understand anything” it [the relationship] lengthens.

Without knowing who it is, without even knowing the name, you become his very own relation/kindred?

Without asking who it is, without even being stopped by obstacles, my heart/mind goes the same way/path that he goes.

Even after the path ends, the journey in this world does not finish.

Flying in the sky, even after the bird disappears,
the dancing that starts does not finish.

This is something (e.g., strange/powerful)