omg ponnu lyrics Dual lyrics ~ English-tamil

omg ponnu lyrics Dual lyrics with meaning

Singer(s): Sid Sriram, Jonita Gandhi
Thalapathy Vijay,
Keerthy Suresh |
music: A .R. Rahman

omg ponnu lyrics Dual lyrics ~ TAMIL

O kangala GR8 Kangala,  AKA vennila silsilaa. 

Oh thendralaa XOX thendralaa O,

L8R minnala Cinderella, 

OMG ponnu ILY kannu 

 ASAP kooda vaa nee, 
BAE nee ma BFF naan maa 

ROFL pannalaamaa, 

 IMO nee nininee nee aayiram ponna paapa nee 

IDK enna nananna, Evlo pudikkum sollen nee 

IMO nee mattum thaandi, Perazhagi en pondaati 

Pogadha one millimeter eppodhum nee KIT 

 IDK nee illanaa naan eppadi vazhvendi 

 Oh kangala GR8 Kangala AKA vennilaa silsilaa.. Oh thendralaa XOX thendralaa L8R minnala Cinderella..

OMG ponnu ILY kannu ASAP kooda vaa nee BAE nee ma BFF naan maa ROFL pannalaamaa. 
IMO nee nininee nee aayiram ponna paapa nee IDK enna nananna evlo pudikkum sollen nee IMO nee

 mattum thaandi perazhagi en pondaati Pogadha one millimeter pppodhum nee KIT IDK nee illanaa naan eppadi vazhvendi. 
O kangala GR8 Kangala AKA vennila silsilaa. Face ah paathaa GM aagum nenjula saanja GNSD

Cell’ u ellaam LOL-lulm ennoda SH neeye thaandi Hilarous texts exchanged over the phone. Naan out of town na appapo un HRU venum 

 Unna meet panna day adhu ellaame en HBD aagum 

Enna 24*7 konjikkittaale SSOU
Yemmaa yemma yemma enna worku brammaa 

 TY sollatumaa CG nee maa 

Yemmaa yemma yemma unna bathiramaa 

TC pannatumaa seralaama 
 OMG ponnu ILY kannu 

ASAP kooda vaa nee 
 BAE nee ma BFF naan maa 

 ROFL pannalaamaa

IMO nee nininee nee aayiram ponna paapa nee 
IDK enna nananna evlo pudikkum sollen nee

 IMO nee mattum thaandi perazhagi en pondaati 

 Pogadha one millimeter eppodhum nee 

IDK nee illanaa naan eppadi vazhvendi 
Oh kangala GR8 Kangala O, those eyes! 

AKA vennila silsilaa,
Oh thendralaa XOX thendralaa Oh, dear breeze!
L8R minnala Cinderella And then as a mighty gale.

 omg ponnu lyrics Dual lyrics ~ English

O, these eyes. they are so great. Each, an alias for the moon

dear breeze! hug and kiss me, like the breeze. 

And then as a mighty gale. I’m your Cinderella. 

Oh my God, dear girl! I love you, my darling!

Come along with me, as soons as possible. 

You are the one before anyone else. I am your best friend forever. 

Shall we roll on the floow with laughter together?

In my opinion, You ogle (stare) at thousands of girls.

Tell me how much you love me. I don’t know that answer to that. 

In my opinoion, You are the only beauty, O better half of mine.

Never even move a millimeter away. Keep in touch, always.

I don’t know how I would live without you.

 It instantly is a good morning, When I look at your face. I doze off into my dream world when you lean over me. 

When I’m out of town, I need your “How are you’s!” Oh daily five times kiss you miss you smiley varanum. I want kiss and miss emojis five times a day.

Any day I meet you, is my happy birthday 

If you cuddle with me all the time, that would be so sweet of you.

O dear girl! Quite the taskmaster you are.

Shall I say Thank you? Such a cute girl, you are! 

Shall I take care for you, dear girl? Together, shall we live our lives?

Oh my God, dear! I love you, my darling. 

I’ll come along with you as soon as possible.

I’ll come along with you as soon as possible.

You are the one before anyone else, 
I am your best-friend forever.

 Shall we roll on the floor with laughter together. 

In my opinion, 
you ogle at thousands of girls. 

 Tell me, how much do you love me? 
I don’t know the answer to it.

In my opinion, You are the only beauty,
 O better half.

KIT Never even move a millimeter 
away from me. 

Keep in touch, always. 

I don’t know how I would live without you. 

They are so great. 

 Each, an alias for the moon. 

 hug and kiss me, like a breeze. 
 I am your Cinderella.